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You will no longer have doubts regarding the drugs used in critical situations of medical action!!!

FINALLY, a smart medical software for ER & ICU was launched on AppStore: DRUGS IN EMERGENCY & ICU!!!

A quick reference guide with index and search bars, which includes the main drugs used in emergency and intensive care, made by physicians who work "on the front line" ... and therefore know which information is actually relevant!

Doses, dilutions, standard solutions ... all easily accessible. Search bars for generic names and clinical indications...

For each drug mentioned, are arranged such information as:

- Supplied as...
- Indications & Usage
- Warnings (side effects, contraindications)
- Administration (doses, standard solutions)
- Adverse Reactions

With simple and intuitive interface, you have the information readily accessible from major shifts of the most common drugs used by doctors all over the world!

Not just a "medication guide", but a smart quick reference, which contains just important information and just the medications you use in the emergency room and ICU!

Do not waste time with tons of useless information! It´s not useful a guide with more than 10,000 drugs, if during your life you do not prescribe medical or even 5% will access information on these active ingredients! And in an emergency, time is life!


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